Never Ignore the Signs of a Car Problem

Never Ignore the Signs of a Car Problem

  • Why You Shouldn't Buy A Used Transmission

    If your car is in need of a transmission, you could be looking for ways that you can save money on the repair. You might have thought about buying a used one, which can seem like a good way to shave down costs. Even though people do sometimes do this successfully and are happy with their decisions, however, many people find that it's not a good choice. These are a few reasons why you might not want to buy a used transmission for your car.

  • 2 Reasons To Invest In A Windshield Repair Kit

    Repairing a cracked or broken windshield as soon as possible is one of the most important things that you can do when trying to keep your vehicle safe for you and your passengers. Two of the best ways to repair your windshield is to go to an auto glass repair shop or to simply purchase a windshield repair kit if you would like to do the work on your own. Listed below are two reasons to invest in a windshield repair kit.

  • Out-Of-Control Parking For Special Events And How To Control It

    Every city in this nation frequently holds some special, city-wide event. Street fairs, art fairs, and Oktoberfest are the most common special events. These events draw crowds by the thousands (sometimes tens of thousands!). When that happens, visitors are scrambling for parking, and they are getting out of control. If a parking lot for a church or store has openings, people will practically crash into each other to steal a stall. If your city experiences parking issues to this extent for your special event, invest in parking control equipment like the options below:

  • Buying A Used Semi-Truck: What To Do After The Purchase

    Whether you're an owner-operator in search of a great deal or a fleet manager looking to stretch those operating dollars, buying a used semi-truck can be a smart choice. There's a lot that goes into buying the right semi-truck for your trucking needs, but there's also plenty to be done once you've brought your big rig home. Read on to learn more Take It Out for Another Test Drive Chances are you already took your semi-truck out for a brief spin before you bought it, so why give it another test drive after the purchase?

  • Buying Or Leasing A Car For Your College Student

    As the parent of a college student, one of your proudest moments may be watching them open the thick envelopes from various universities around the country who would like your son or daughter to attend their school. However, that pride can often be tempered by the realization that if they opt to attend a university far from home, providing them with new transportation may soon be necessary. Therefore, when you know your son or daughter will need a new car for college, it's a good idea to consider the following information about buying versus leasing a car.

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    Never Ignore the Signs of a Car Problem

    My parents surprised me with a car as a high school graduation gift. It wasn't brand new, but it looked great and ran very well. Everything was going well with it until one day it started making a funny noise that I just ignored. My check engine light also came on sometimes, but sometimes it would shut off. I ignored this all and decided my car was just "quirky." One day, I was driving a long distance to a friends house and my car "died" at a stop light. I then regretting ignoring the signs something was wrong with my car. Thankfully, it turned out I had a broken serpentine belt and it could be replaced. After this incident, I have been determined to learn more about the signs of car problems and what they mean. I want to share what I am learning on a blog to help others!